The Center for Professional Counseling Services for Sex Therapy welcomes you! We can probably help with the problems you are having. We have been serving the Chicago Area for over twenty five years and work with individuals and couples primarily.

Steve & Lorraine specialize in individual counseling and psychotherapy issues.  We have a special interest in working with individuals and couples who have sexual intimacy issues. We work with people to help them enjoy their sexuality more than they have been able to do in their past experiences.  Individually, we are extremely dynamic & effective; together, we are an extremely dynamic & effective team. 

In order to do this, we help individuals and couples discover why they are having difficulties in this area of their lives and then we devise a program focused on their particular issues.  The program is designed to help individuals gain a comfort level with their own sexuality (when needed), so that they can then share this aspect of themselves with themselves and their significant partners.  It is also designed to help individuals gain a comfort level with their partners sexuality, so that they can more effectively meet their partners needs.  This almost always adds a special dimension that enhances them individually and together as a couple.

Let us help, we are easy to talk to and we are able to help you talk about these usually very workable issues.

The following is a list of areas that we help people, just like you, with:


  2. BulletHypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder -- little or no interest in being sexual--don't care / won't initiate romantic overtures for sexual activity

  3. BulletSexual Aversion Disorder -- extreme anxiety when approached for sex -- might even be painful

  4. BulletHyperactive Sexual Desire Disorder -- have sex with those they don't care for -- feel obliged to have sex


  2. BulletFemale Arousal Disorder -- gets excited, but, too little or no lubrication during intercourse

  3. BulletMale Erectile Disorder -- doesn't get erection or doesn't keep erection until orgasm -- partner feels unsatisfied -- partner frustrated with feeling of not being attractive to or satisfying partner


  2. BulletFemale Orgasmic Disorder -- too long to climax, or doesn't climax

  3. BulletMale Orgasmic Disorder -- too long to climax, or doesn't climax

  4. BulletPremature Ejaculation -- climaxes to quickly for partner or self


  2. BulletDyspareunia -- pain during vaginal intercourse

  3. BulletAnodyspareunia -- pain during anal intercourse

  4. BulletVaginismus -- Doesn't allow penetration with anything (may result in unconsummated marriage)


  2. BulletPeyronie's Disease -- exaggerated penile bend that interferes with penetration

  3. BulletAny area of your sexual life that you are not comfortable with and wish to address.

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