Payment for Services

If paying out-of-pocket, payment is expected at the time that services are rendered; unless another arrangement has been previously agreed upon.

We fully understand that the cost of therapy is an important consideration for many; however, it has unfortunately been our experience that it has increasingly becoming more and more difficult for us to receive reimbursement for our services through insurance claims because of changes in the insurance industry regarding behavioral health claims.  Therefore, in order to be able to provide our services, the following policy has become necessary:

If you want to submit claims for our services to your insurance company, in order to prevent misunderstandings about how reimbursement for services occurs, it must establish that preauthorization for our services are approved before we begin our work together.  
In all cases where insurance pre-approval is not obtained, we must require payment for services at the time services are rendered; and if you want to submit an insurance claim for these services, we will be glad to assist you by providing you with the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance provider.  
To insure that payment for services is received, we require credit card information to cover fees if insurance does not cover services provided.  Credit  card information will only be used if payment for services rendered is not forthcoming in the timeframe agreed upon at the beginning of services rendered.

Fee Schedule

The fee for a therapy session with Steve or Lorraine is $125 per clinical hour. If it is necessary, we are open to some negotiation based on your individual needs and all fees will be negotiated prior to your first session.

The fee for Sexual Dysfunction Therapy with both Steve and Lorraine is $150 per clinical hour. This fee is not negotiable.

Lorraine is on many of the Managed Care panels; Steve is on Blue Cross and Blue Shield. You can look at the FAQ's page for information on how to access your benefits for counseling services.

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