Our practice primarily serves adults age 18 and older. We provide individual & couples therapy, emphasizing relationship issues and sexual issues.  General issues we can help with:

  1. BulletAddiction / non-chemical (e.g., gambling, sexual, internet)

  2. BulletAnger Management

  3. BulletAnxiety disorders (panic, social anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder)

  4. BulletChemical Dependency / Substance Abuse

  5. BulletDepression

  6. BulletDivorce Mediation

  7. BulletGrief / Bereavement Counseling

  8. BulletMajor life choices, changes & challenges

  9. BulletPTSD (recovery from recent or past psychological trauma)

  10. BulletRelationship difficulties, problems with self-image, self-confidence, or self esteem

  11. BulletSexual issues we can help with:

  12. BulletSexual Dysfunction Issues

  13. BulletLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questioning issues & concerns

  14. BulletSexual abuse / violence (victims)

  15. BulletStress related issues (e.g., work & family)

Fee Schedule

The cost of therapy is always an important consideration. The fee for a therapy session is $125. If it is necessary, we are open to some negotiation based on your individual needs and all fees will be negotiated prior to your first session.

The fee for Sexual Dysfunction Therapy with Steve and Lorraine is $150 per one hour session. This fee is not negotiable.

Lorraine is on many of the Managed Care panels; Steve is on Blue Cross Blue Shield. You can look at the FAQ's page for information on how to access your benefits for counseling services.

Contact Us

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fax: 630.690.3150