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Steve respects your three most important commodities: your time, energy & money. Steve strives to sort out as quickly as possible what are the most important issues that are providing the energies driving your problems. Steve is both easy to talk to & worth talking to. His perspectives are helpful. His clients appreciate the way he puts things into a context that enables them to separate what is important from what is unimportant, freeing energies for what really deserves their attention.

Years of experience have shown that often, the real issues that provide the energy that drives symptoms are not the ones that are first presented. One of Steve's strengths & focuses is getting those issues on the table as fast as possible. This increases the potential for more successful, longer lasting results.

Steve provides general counseling to both adult individuals and couples in relationships, with a specialty in the area of sexual therapy issues for all persuasions.

Steve has been providing sex therapy for over twenty five years, having extensive training from the Loyola University Medical School, Sexual Dysfunction Clinic. Steve trains graduate students in sex therapy & has a long standing commitment to this area of counseling & therapy.

Steve's co-therapist, with similar training & experience, is his wife of many years. Together, they are an extremely dynamic & effective team.

Steve is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the Chicago Area, in private practice since 1983, with offices in Hoffman Estates (serving the Northwestern suburbs) & Lisle (serving Naperville & the Western suburbs).

Steve is also an Illinois Certified Family & Divorce Mediator (as is his wife, who sometimes functions as his co-therapist with conflictual couples). In cases of divorce, pre-court mediation services significantly reduce expensive attorney fees.

Steve's undergraduate work in general psychology was at City University of New York (CUNY), his masters' level graduate work in counseling psychology was at George Williams College, & his doctoral level graduate work in clinical psychology was at the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Additionally, Steve has extensive undergraduate & graduate work in philosophy at both CUNY & the New School for Social Research in NYC. Steve received a teaching license in NYC & also a certificate from NYU for his studies there.

Steve has a life-long interest in philosophical issues with extensive graduate academic training. Steve incorporates this knowledge & experience into existential / phenomenological counseling & therapy from a humanistic perspective. This is especially helpful with those individuals who find meaning in life from the struggle of their own individual journey.